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Wind turbines blink from dusk till dawn, no matter if an aircraft is nearby or not. To stop the unnecessary blinking and to make the night sky dark again, there is a technology called Aircraft Detection Lighting System, ADLS for short.

Light:Guard is a young German company providing ADLS solutions. We employ around 50 people in the locations Dresden and Hamburg.

Drawing on experience in the field of ADLS since 2008, we maintain cooperations with renowned manufacturers of wind turbines such as GE, Nordex and Vestas.


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The light:guard Aircraft Detection Lighting System (ADLS)


Every flying object is obligated to send out transponder signals to be identifiable. Those are being received by the light:guard receivers.


The system receives continuous data from all receivers at once and is therefore able to achieve a higher network coverage than each individual receiver would by itself.


This leads to a better signal quality and higher light-off times for each wind turbine, especially in areas with high air traffic or large wind farms.

The latest developments on the subject of ADLS

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Here you will find everything you need to know about the legal situation regarding on-demand night-time marking in Germany and elsewhere. Also: our press releases and events. It’s worth taking a look!

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