The light:guard Aircraft Detection Lighting System

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Light Control Units installed

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What is an Aircraft Detection Lighting System?

Wind turbines are equipped with obstruction lights to be visible in the dark for air traffic. Those obstruction lights blink from dusk till dawn, no matter if an aircraft is nearby or not. This constant blinking has proven to be an obstacle in the acceptance of wind power.

To stop the unnecessary blinking and to make the night sky dark again, there is a technology called Aircraft Detection Lighting System, ADLS for short.

Through ADLS, it is possible to turn off the blinking obstruction lights of wind farms. This is done by monitoring the airspace around a windfarm. The obstruction lights of the wind turbines are only activated when an aircraft is in the vicinity.

In Germany, the use of ADLS on wind turbines is required by law. Following a recent extension, the implementation deadline for operators is January 1, 2025. With this expertise, we are committed to bringing ADLS to other countries as well.

The light:guard system for Aircraft Detection Lighting System is type-tested and meets IEC and ICAO standards. We already equipped some wind farms abroad with our ADL system and would be more than happy to provide you with a customized solution.

Your contact: Felix Weiss

On-demand lighting

The light:guard system in a nutshell


Every flying object is obligated to send out transponder signals to be identifiable. Those are being received by the Light:Guard receivers.


The system receives continuous data from all receivers at once and is therefore able to achieve a higher network coverage than each individual receiver would by itself.


This leads to a better signal quality and higher light-off times for each wind turbine, especially in areas with high air traffic or large wind farms.

How it works:

Key Advantages

to all operators whose wind turbines are configured for ADLS connection​

Our Offer

Signal supply contract with one-time connection and documentation costs

Provision of ADLS signals according to the principle of a telecommunication contract

Maintenance of the light:guard system during operation

Support of the approval procedure with the responsible authorities

what we accomplished so far

Our Track Record

Turbines under contract
Wind farms under contract
Receivers installed
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Receivers installed: the Light:Guard Receiver (LGR) receives transponder signals from the flying objects
and can recognize whether one is in the vicinity. Not every wind farm needs its own receiver.

Receivers online
0 / 451
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Receivers online: these receivers are currently transmitting data and form our receiver network.
Multilateration (see above) is therefore already possible throughout Germany.

Light Control Units installed
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Light Control Units installed: the Light Control Unit (LCU-T) is the interface that
controls ADLS in the wind farm. Usually every wind farm requires an LCU-T.

Light Control Units online
0 / 735
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Light Control Units online: These LCU-Ts are connected to our system.
Everything is installed in these wind farms and ADLS is theoretically functional.

Wind farms measured
0 / 788
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Wind farms measured: each individual ADLS requires such a survey or site-specific
proof of functionality. Transponder signals are sent to the receiver and thus simulate
a flying object. Only then can ADLS be approved and activated.

Wind farms fully certified
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Wind farms fully certified: the certificate is confirmation for the authorities that our ADL system
is functioning properly, meets the requirements of the AVV and can be activated. Some ADLS manufacturers
already count this as "turned dark". However, this is not entirely correct. For the lights to go out,
the final approval from the authorities and signal transmission by the system manufacturer is still missing.

Wind farms turned dark
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Wind farms turned dark: approval has been given by the authorities, the turbine manufacturer
forwards the signal. The ADL system is active and the lights in the wind farm are off. This is how it looks like: ADLS in action (Video).

last updated: 17th June 2024

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Your benefits as an operator with the light:guard system:

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